As the holidays approach, we wanted to send out a few safety reminders to all of our neighbors.  We recently updated the distribution list to include neighbors who provided email addresses when paying dues, so some of you may have already received some of these notices.
  • The Sheriff sent out a note last week regarding some thefts from automobiles in Anderson Township and urged residents to ensure cars are kept in garages or locked at night. There is more information in the attached document.
  • There were no reports from the Turpin Hills security patrol in November. However, the safety patrol officers did advise us to remind everyone not to leave Christmas packages/shopping bags in cars during the holiday season. They also urged residents to make sure their homes are well lit, especially if you will be traveling over the holidays.
  • Several neighbors have sent notes asking us to reinforce the parking restrictions in the neighborhood, which means cars should not be parked on the side of the street with fire hydrants.
  • Our neighborhood holiday decorations have gone up, which keep our entrances and street signs looking festive during the holiday season!
As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for the Turpin Hills Civic Association, please email us at
Happy Holidays!

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