Our Mission

The Turpin Hills Civic Association is a non-profit organization, established to promote the general welfare of Turpin Hills, including the promotion or sponsoring of:

  • Activities concerning public improvements affecting Turpin Hills and all that relates to its betterment.
  • Activities to improve the convenience and safety of Turpin Hills residents.
  • The maintenance of a forum for discussion of matters of zoning, public safety and welfare, schools and government affecting residents of Turpin Hills.
  • The expression to public authorities and governments of the interest of residents of Turpin Hills in matters of zoning, public safety and welfare, schools and government.
  • The promotion of social exchange between members of the Association through activities of a social, cultural or civic nature.

Voulunteer Info

Volunteers are needed for one-time projects such as the annual picnic or ongoing such as a street representative. It’s a fun way to meet your neighbors and contribute to neighborhood improvement! Please consider helping – if you’d like to know more, please send us an email at turpinhills@gmail.com or complete the Contact Us Form.

Please let us know what you think

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