Just posted on Turpin Hills Nextdoor by Corporal David Boiman from Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office  

Motorists will now be required to give bicyclists at least three feet of passing clearance, which will improve cycling safety. The new three-foot bicycle passing law, HB 154, signed by Governor Kasich in December, becomes effective on March 21.
Drivers should watch for bicyclists and know that it is now illegal to squeeze past them. When unable to move across the center line or merge to another lane to the left, motorists must slow down and wait until it becomes safe to pass. The new law improves safety since motorists are forewarned not to put themselves and others in danger by attempting to pass a bicyclist if there is oncoming traffic, a blind hill, or a blind curve ahead

You can see more on this and other bicycle safety topics from the Ohio Bicycle Federation


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