Trustees are non-paid, non-elected volunteers who represent the wishes of their territories on the Civic Association Board. They can facilitate neighborhood development, ensure maintenance, and nurture good neighborhood relations. There are no enforceable covenants in Turpin Hills and trustees cannot enforce laws. If you see or know of someone who is breaking a law, please contact Anderson Township Police. If you are interested in becoming a trustee please contact us through the Contact Us page or by sending an email to

Officers & Committee Chairs

President Norma Brown
Vice President OPEN
Secretary Susan Hoffman
Treasurer Jane Connerton
Communications Ashley Rosier/Lexie Stevenson
Directory Amy Castellini
Dues Alicia Sparks
Landscape/Signs Don Peck
Safety & Security Ashley Rosier

Trustees by Street and Address

Bentley Court Stirrup Rd. 6273-6474 Jane Connerton


Caledon Lane Don Peck

Don Peck

Courtropes OPEN
Crittenden 5877-5967

Crittwood Court

Missy Wilson
Crittenden 5986-6298

Turpin Woods Ct.

Lexie Stevenson

Big Me

Lengel Rd.

Lengwood 5825-5969

Cheri Fields


Lengwood 5735-5813 OPEN
Patterson Farms Road OPEN
Ropes Drive 5950-6125 Ashley Rosier
Saddleback 2615-2781 Amy Castellini

Amy Castellini

Saddleback 2802-2959 Alicia Sparks

Alicia Sparks

Saddleback 2962-3074 Susan Hoffman


Shadowslope Ln.

Turpin Knoll Ct.

Turpin Valley Ln.

Stirrup Road 6001-6256 Norma Brown


Turpin Hills 5868-5938 Heather Arden


Turpin Hills 6168-6298 Peter Brooker

Peter Brooker

Turpin Hills 6315-6392 OPEN